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How We Started – NET Ship Management Inc.  (NSM) was opened on January 8, 2002 and founded by Capt. Norberto E. Tapia, one of the pillars in the Philippine shipping industry. NSM is a family owned company implementing a unified business leadership on their day to day operations giving utmost importance on excellence and having  long term goals and vision.  With the prime movers’ sense of trust and flexibility,  they have imbued down to their organization’s employees and seafarers a strong sense of loyalty and dedication. The management and staff are composed of people from different disciplines whose assets and resources are maximized when assisting one another in providing effective business endeavors to its valued Principals.

For the past 34 years NET Ship has continuously aimed to deliver quality service to their principals and their customers in their commercial engagements by providing them with Filipino officers and ratings who are highly competent, with the right attitude, proper training and professional development. They have passed the international standards of the shipping industries, and are fully certified according to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and, to the Standards of Training Certification Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention.

It is also NET Ship’s desire to maintain their strong relationship with all their stockholders with a spirit of openness, professionalism and teamwork in all endeavors. We continuously strive to create job and economic opportunities for a better everyday life for many Filipinos.

If you are an organization with the same mindset and culture with NET Ship Management Inc., you are most welcome to be part of our team. You may get in touch with us anytime through any of the following, or you may fill up the Contact Form below.

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