As part of  NET Ship’s mission to “commit to the enhancement of corporate viability and integrity”, the organization acknowledges and implements sustainability principles to make a positive impact for the company, the people, the community and the environment.  This initiative likewise aims to be in consonance with the advocacies of our Principals and with the United Nation’s sustainable goals.

The sustainable practices of NET Ship are as follows:

I  –  Environmental Sustainability

Green HR Campaign –  To preserve and protect the ecosystems and natural resources; to facilitate energy-efficient operations and waste reduction; and to save money,  eco-friendly policies are  undertaken such as replacing light bulbs with low energy lights; turning off lights, computers, etc. that is not being used; avoiding the use of paper wherever possible; and others.

II  –    Employee Wellness

In accordance with the Health and Safety Quality    Management Systems, policies and programs are continuously  implemented  giving priority to the physical and mental well-being of our employees and seafarers.  Creating a supportive workplace culture gives benefit towards the high satisfaction,  increased productivity, decreased turnover and efficient performance of the people. Example of HSE activities are: Seminars on Mental & Physical Well-being, Annual Physical Examination, Employee Counseling, Fire Drills, etc.

  1. Drug and Alcohol Policy – NSM Drug and Alcohol Policy applies to all personnel who work for the company. Since the company has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of drugs or alcohol on the job, its objective is to highlight the importance of a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace; and of maintaining and rendering quality service at all times.
  2. NET FAM – Part of NSM’s values is to create a family atmosphere and a caring attitude towards the welfare of the seafarers’ families as well, most especially when the seafarers are out sailing so as to give them the peace of mind and confidence that someone will attend to their family members if needed.

III –  Corporate Social Responsibility

For the company’s mission of “recognizing our responsibility to the society and industry we belong to”,  NET   Ship devotes their time and resources to the following:

  1. Charitable institutions – To help alleviate poverty and education among the   marginalized sector of the country, NSM has 3 adoptive communities and beneficiaries namely:
    1. Bahay Aruga –  free Halfway House for children with cancer
    2. ERDA Foundation – educational assistance for poor children and youth
    3. Rita Orphanage – orphanage for homeless / abandoned children
  1. Partnership with Colleges and Universities –  NSM establishes linkages with colleges and universities offering Maritime Education and Culinary Arts or Hotel and Restaurant Management to enable the company to recruit younger and more dynamic seafarers.
    Moreover, the recruitment of new office personnel utilizes the linkages with State Universities and other colleges.

IV  – Corporate Governance

To ensure that the company achieves sustainable business practices of transparency, accountability and integrity, the employees follow their duties and responsibilities as stated in the policies and procedures in the NSM quality manual, and, based on laws in accordance with the Labor Code of the Philippines.

  1. Anti-Bribery / Corruption Policies  –   We have a comprehensive set of company policies on bribery, corruption or the inappropriate transfer of value, either in cash or in kind from the seafarers.
  2. Confidentiality Policy –  To safeguard the company’s interest and the confidentiality of its business and affairs, employees have agreed that, during the term of their service and from and after the actual cessation of their employment, they shall maintain strict confidentiality and shall not disclose any information related to the organization, customers and
  3. Data Protection Policy – In compliance with the Data Privacy Act (Republic Act No. 10173), “measures are done by the company to ensure and guarantee the safety and security of personal data under our control or custody, thereby upholding the individual’s data privacy rights. In addition, we are required to implement reasonable and appropriate measures to protect personal data against natural dangers such as accidental loss or destruction, and human dangers such as unlawful access, fraudulent misuse, unlawful destruction, alteration and contamination.”
  4. Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace –  In line with UN’s advocacy on “Reduced Inequalities”,  our human resources are from different backgrounds, gender, cultures and religions. Every employee is highly valued and considered an integral part of the organization.  A reasonable career with very satisfactory employment conditions and  encouragement towards their professional and personal development are  implemented without prejudices.  They are treated with equality, respect and dignity and any action of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.


          The sustainable policies and procedures of NET Ship Mgt. Inc. are to be reviewed periodically and revised if needed, to convey its effectivity for the personnel and seafarers and their families.  This likewise aims to ensure that it meets the expectations of our stakeholders and Principals. Also, to have a proper assessment if   NET Ship is  contributory to UN’s movement for a greener tomorrow.